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Utility Operator 2

Location Novato, California


Custody Roles as assigned

1.)    Plant Monitor - Alarm Monitoring

  • Visual:
    • Monitor multiple computer screens
      • Alarms are from multiple sources: CMS, EMS, BMS, PI Historian
      • Monitor Aid: Cell Phone that receives emailed alarm notifications
      • Monitor Aid: Cell Phone for voice communication
    • Email notifications by customer
  • Sound:
    • Hearing audible alarms
      • Close proximity audible alarms
      • Receive Phone call notifications
      • Receive Radio notifications

2.)    Plant Operator - Alarm Response

  • Respond to alarms as Plant Monitor deems necessary

3.)    Plant Rounds - Perform visual inspection and testing

  • Prescribed checklists, waste offloads, receive bulk deliveries, and yard walks

The Utility Operator 2 will:

  • be a Subject Matter Expert, SME, In Depth Knowledge and experience
  • Utility Space Organization, Cleanliness, Condition

  • have High Knowledge and Experience
  • Utility Space Hazards, Utility Equipment Hazards, Chemical Handling Hazards, Hierarchy Control Hazards, LOTO Practices, PPE usage

  • have Moderate Knowledge and Experience
  • to Interface with
    • Automation, Compliance, EHS&S, Engineering, Instrumentation, Maintenance, Manufacturing, QA, QC, Validation, Capital Projects, Reliability, Vendors and Contractors – Oversight and Management
  • with Plant Alarm Monitoring
    • BMS, EMS, CMS, SCADA, Cogen Piller Master Control System (MCS), PI Historian and Phone Notification, Prioritizing/Triage alarms, Escalate/Turnover,
  • with Operation and Alarm Response
  • with Operation and Usage
    • PI Historian and Phone notification
  • with System Operation and Local Alarm Response
    • RO, WFI, Liquid Waste, HVAC, CDA, Plant Steam, Pure Steam, Gases, Electrical Power, Temperature Control Units, Heating Hot Water, Industrial Water, Cogen Piller Master Control System (MSC)
  • and Understands Process Operations
    • Fermentation, Purification, Filling, Support Processes (buffer, HTST), Environmental Chambers, GxP Maintenance and Operational Programs
  • with Plant Surveillance
    • Systems rounds, Safety rounds, Security rounds, Inspection Readiness rounds, Evaluate System Operational Trends
  • to Communicate
    • System Status Updates to Stakeholders
    • Shift Change Participation
    • Shift Change Facilitation

  • have Basic Knowledge and Experience
  • Plant Attendance
    • Redundancy Profiles Standard Operation, Redundancy Profiles Situational Operation, Auto and Manual Controls Planned Operation
  • Track and Resolve
    • Alarm System Issues
  • with Communication
    • Service Level Agreements
    • Represent Group at Routine meetings, Situational meetings, Informal Touchpoints, and Emergency, Urgent, Non-Standard Issues
  • with Utilities Strategy
    • Group Strategy and Standing Objectives Changes
  • To Train Others
    • Simple tasks with no procedure/criteria required
    • With procedure/without training criteria (OJT)
    • Mentor others on stretch assignments
  • Write procedures
    • With training criteria (OJT)
    • Without training criteria (OJT)

  • will Develop Knowledge and Experience
  • Plant Attendance
    • Redundancy Profiles Situational Operation
    • Auto and Manual Controls Situational Operation
  • With Utilities Strategy
    • Lead Service Level Agreement Situational Changes
    • Lead Day-to-Day adjustments to improve service levels
    • Authorize Service Level Agreement Situational Changes

Education/Experience Required

Education Preferred, any one or combination

  • College Degree (Associate or Bachelors)
  • Technical Certification
  • Military Technical Training

Experience of four or more years may be considered in combination or in-lieu-of Education

  • Utility Operation, process operation, maintenance, instrumentation, reliability, or other relatable experience

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