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Medical Science Liaison Hemophilia

Location Germany
BioMarin is the world leader in delivering therapeutics that provide meaningful advances to patients who live with serious and life-threatening rare genetic diseases. We target diseases that lack effective therapies and affect relatively small numbers of patients, many of whom are children. These conditions are often inherited, difficult to diagnose, progressively debilitating and have few, if any, treatment options. BioMarin will continue to focus on advancing therapies that are the first or best of their kind.

MSL is the external-facing scientific expert

Medical Science Liaison (MSL) is the external-facing scientific expert on the company product(s) and therapeutic area(s), with the core responsibility of scientific engagement. This consists of the establishment and maintenance of ethical and highly scientific peer to peer relationships with leading Health Care Professionals (HCPs) at major academic institutions and hospitals. Based on high-quality interactions and on the generation, interpretation and communication of scientific data with leading HCPs, MSLs could potentially improve - through meaningful scientific exchange - the clinical management of patients and their quality of life.

Tactics of MSL activities are aligned with BioMarin Medical Strategy and guided by BioMarin Medical Director according to Medical Plan.

Hemophilia MSL Core Responsibilities

  • Scientific engagement
  • Evidence generation support
  • Insight management
  • Medical strategic planning
  • Internal partnerships

MSL Key Activities:

depend on product life-cycle and local requirements.

  • Scientific engagement
    1. Scientific engagement with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in healthcare, academia, payers, and government organizations (as required), to provide appropriate scientific information about company products and related therapy area, gather insights and expert opinions from relevant HCPs. Thus, becoming a trusted scientific partner by enhancing the understanding of the scientific and medical value of BioMarin products (pre-, peri- and post-launch)
    2. Proactive KOL / treatment center mapping and planning according to the scientific strategic needs of the product or therapeutic area (pre-, peri- and post-launch)
    3. Interactions with Patient Advocacy Groups to collaborate on unmet needs, educational needs and medical/scientific projects. Reactive provision of information to local Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs) in lieu of Area Medical Director, TA Lead and in line with Business Code of Conduct in collaboration with Patient Advocacy (pre-, peri- and post-launch)
    4. Development and implementation of Scientific Exchange meetings at hospital, regional or national level. Support the Area Medical Director / Therapy Area (TA) Lead on the development and implementation of local Scientific Educational Programs in line with BioMarin’s scientific needs, including the scientific briefing of the speakers (pre-, peri- and post-launch)
    5. Conduct drug administration (dosing and administration) readiness trainings upon request (pre-, peri- and post-launch)
    6. Support institution site readiness and perform on site drug risk-management drug education/information of post-marketing studies as required (post/at-launch).
    7. Support post-marketing studies as required (peri-/post-launch), in collaboration with study management by
      • Checking and supporting study site readiness, upon request
      • Performing on site product risk management and education/information
      • Clarify process and procedures for independent research programs upon request.
    8. Scientific conference support (pre-, peri- and post-launch)
      1. Pre-conference
        • Collaborate with colleagues to identify attending HCPs and arrange meetings with them
        • Participate in workgroups preparing scientific events (e.g. pre-conference meeting, data deep dive sessions etc.) in conjunction with congress, if applicable.
      2. During the conference
        • Attend relevant scientific sessions.
        • Engage in scientific exchange (ad-hoc, as follow-up of previous interaction)
        • Staff BioMarin medical booths in their area of expertise
  • Post-conference
    • Develop and deliver a meeting report to be shared cross-functionally
    • Prepare post-conference updates in line with country legislation
  1. Responds to costumer requests with relevant scientific information and coordinate with Medical Information the provision of answers for on- or off-label queries (pre-, peri- and post-launch)

  • Evidence generation support
    1. Work with investigators in company sponsored studies supporting (by request) Clinical Operations and/or Study Management resources by sharing insights on potential study sites in alignment with the Area Medical Director / TA Lead, based on their scientific capabilities, administrative readiness, and stakeholder interests, partnering with clinical operations and Contract Research Organizations (CROs), as required, engaging with investigators both during startup and throughout the study period to maintain interest in and education about the study
    2. Work with potential investigators clarifying the process of handling of independent research requests, aligned with BioMarin’s strategy and procedure (mostly peri- and post-launch)
    3. Reactive support to HCPs for assistance in providing scientific information to improve healthcare quality and effectiveness initiatives (mostly peri- and post-launch)
    4. Identify further scientific research opportunities in the area that help increase disease awareness, sharing of best practices, and identification of medical gaps and unmet need

  • Insight management
    1. Share insights and knowledge from HCP interactions with cross-functional team members: MSLs may proactively ask questions to understand the HCP’s scientific point of view on scientifically relevant topics and are expected to share any insights arisen from these conversations within BioMarin per Data protection laws (pre-, peri- and post-launch)
    2. Identify unmet medical needs and feedback the corresponding insights to the organization so they can be actioned accordingly by the relevant party (pre-, peri- and post-launch)
    3. Collect insights to understand current healthcare practices and treatment of patients with specific disease (e.g. patient and treatment journey) (pre-, peri- and post-launch)
  • Medical strategic planning
    1. The MSL supports the Area Medical Director in developing strategic medical plans for the country.
  • Internal partnerships
    1. The MSL is an integral part of the BioMarin team, proactively coordinating activities with other field-based personnel (Sales and/or Access Managers, Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), amongst others) and sharing insights.

MSL Qualifications and other requirements

The MSLs will have an advanced scientific training at Master of Sciences level at minimum coupled with significant medical/clinical/academic credentials typically often consisting of but not limited to a doctorate degree (MD, PhD, PharmD, etc.) in the life sciences.

The candidates need to have strong external customer focus with excellent networking capabilities and ability to integrate in a multifaceted team. Excellent interpersonal, communication, presentation and listening skills are crucial for the success in the role. Proven ability to develop and foster peer-to-peer relationships with HCPs. Demonstrated ability to organise, prioritise and work effectively with minimal supervision in a constantly changing environment.

Excellent ability to present and discuss scientific material and its context clearly and succinctly. Ability to summarise and convey scientific literature, as well as to write reports, papers and research protocols. Scientific inquisitiveness is a substantial asset.

Understanding of the industry’s codes of practice relevant for the work is critical for the job. Understanding of clinical development and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is preferable. Thorough knowledge of the local (regional where appropriate) healthcare system, disease management and medical research, including methodology of clinical trials and literature search. Given the tight transnational collaboration in BioMarin, good written and oral English command is necessary although not for the day to day job.

Willingness to travel at least 60% of the time.

MSL Core Competences

1) Medical and scientific knowledge

2) Communication skills

3) Business acumen and strategic awareness (ideally at least 3 year experience in the field of hemophilia/coagulation/haematology or oncology)

4)Stakeholder engagement

5) Project management and clear understanding of local laws and regulations

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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